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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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trump has g ge after rubio's record calling him a failed politician. >> he set a record in the last senate. we don't have to gro into it real big. >> and senator crews cruz ready to make this a two man rairks cruz versus trump. we welcome you with openn arms because only one campaign has beaten donald trump. >> reporter: earlier today donald trump did get a win in the islands. nine delegates in this raise. he won the caucuses there in the islands. he is throok reach that 1237 magic number to he is ciewrt gop nomination. he is in the lead right now. donald trump will be here at his marlo go resort later to night. and taking to the podium and hoping to talk about big wins across the five primary states. the polls closing later today
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live in palm beach thing. jeff lennox 7 news. >> craig: okay jeff. >> belkeys: let's talk about marco rubio. he spoke to 7 news today one on one. fell shel done fox joins us live fromiu in miami-dade where the florida senator will watch results come in this evening. >> sheldon. >> reporr: belkeys, we're inside the fiu arena. they are get trogd have a celebration. lebrating that primary night but if rubio can't win his home stairkts well, they rb doing anything but celebrating. >> on this day the hoax the golden panthers is being called riewb country. >> and this is the set up to what his cam calls a primary nightt celebration. >> we're excited about the tonight. >> reporter: on perhaps this most important day of the campaign so far senator rubio is talking to 7 and voters in his
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he arrived at his home town mondnd and looked comfortable and confidence in west miami. but if he's discussion appointing in florida's primary like several polls suggest he might and lossese tuesday night, will he drop out of race? >> n/, we're going to be campaign next week on tuesday and tomorrow in utah and i would caution everybody about these polls. i'm telling you, they are just not being conducted the way they once wow were. >> some would say and up don't mean to harp on this if you can't win your home stairkts descroint a prayer. >> yes, that's not true. >> oof we've already won in minnesota. we've won in washington dc. we won in puertoto rico and came within a point of winning in virginia. n republican front runner donald trump has the month men 2u78 andnd lead so far and a harsh crictd of rubio trark him as.
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trump is the nominee eye made a pledge to rep support the i don't want to support a guy who use profanity. i@ acknowledge to you that's growing increasingly divment that's the problem and dilemma we face. marco rubio is headed to utah despite what happens night you heard him tell us that earlier today and he has since set it again to other media out leets let's. this thing gets started to night at 7:00. qe'll be live and all over too. for now live in fiu's campus in west miami-dade. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> craig: and meanwhile tough talk from president obama today he weighed none the republican race and appearing to take a swipe at the front runner. lynn martinez has more on. that lynn. >> lynn: yes, craig, the president did can did mention the up tick in violence that we've seen on the campaign trail especially att the ral leevmentz just a few days ago in chicago trump had to cancel a ral
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got out of hand with supporters and antitrump protesters. >> i know i'm not the only one in this room that who maybe a little more than dismayed by what is happening on the campaign trail lately. we have herd vulgar and decisive red rhetoric aimed at women and minorities and americans who don't look like us or pray like us or vote like we do. the president going on to say the anger and nasty rhetoric has to stop with the commander in chief. and a spoke to mr. trump on the telephone today im plorrinin him to do more to condemn the violence eye took the opportunity to recommend to him that no matter who may be triggering these violent expressions or conflicts that we've seen in some of these rallies, it might be a good idea to condemn that and discourage
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>> lynn: mr. prum trum's political rivals have also blamed him for dividing the nation. mr. trump says he has dono such thing and calls himself a united and yerl today he blaimentd other party for going after him. in the satellite center lynn martinez. 7 news. >> craig: okay lynn. >> belkeys: speak of the other party. bernie sanders and hillary clinton. the let's talk about them. >> craig: the former secretary of state will be in florida to watch the routes. live coverage continues with jess ta ca holy in west palm. jeses jessica. >> danielle: can tell you hillary clinton is not stopping on this day. as question we go to video you see hillary clinton stopping ate o donut shop in west palm beach and visiting with people and encouraging every one to get ou^ and vote. tonight she will be here at the palm beach conventionn center and hopes to be talking about
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florida. in less than four hours this ball room will be packed and waiting to hear from the front runner for the democratic nomination. hillary clinton nay fight for florida with bernie sanders. yetd yesterday clinton telling reporters. she viet choice. >> i want people who are democrats to look at this election for who be the strongest democratic nominee that we can put out and a think qhat is most likely me. >> reporter: one of her last stops before take the stage in the sunshine state. she is set to speak in the grand ball room at the convention center around 9:00 p.m. today more delegates up for grabs than ni lamb any other day in the pry mare right. clinton hoping she will leave we are any behind. meanwhile sanders stumping in chicago with hopes to gitmo men tum on this super tuesday sequel. >> if there's a large voter turn out. we'll do just great here in
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hopefully north carolina and florida. >> i think that in the steaks that are coming down the pipeses we have great opportunities to win many of. they we're feeling reay good. sanders getting support in florida with the florida relay walk for bernie sanders wrapping nup miami. 100 vl entears hitting the streets nay 17 day relay covering 345 miles. the message, get out and vote for bernie. last minute pushes as the flight for florida nears an end. hillary clinton the front runner can't seal a deet deal with this vote but it could get her a lot closer to the nomination. she'll be here speak at 9:00 and course of we'll be here live. reporting in west palm beach. jessica holly. 7 news. >> belkeys: there is still time to voice your choice. team 7 coverage continues with robbin simmons who is live at a polling site in miami. robbin. >> reporr: we are at miami fire rescue taition no. two.
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are voters out here taking vantage.this perfect day to cast a ballot. >> for many it took no time at all. >> very ease discussion, very fast. >> from miami beach. >> tpis is the first time i voted in a primary. >> to miaia shores. it's your duty to vote. poano beach. easy process and in and out real quickly. and weston. waint to make sure that you know i have the opportunity herer to reflect my family and what's important to us. reporter: florida's registered democrats and republicans heading to the polls for the sunshine state primary. this year huge numbers take advantage of lir vote oog we have had no parar affiliated voters showing up this morning wanting to vote for a particular candidate. we have to tell them they are not eligible to vote in the 83. >> and in broward.
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well. miami-dade 14,532. in broward 74,873. on the actual primary day. no major problems in either county. and we've probably been work on this election over a year. so we've looked at every detail and we're anticipating that it will be areat run for the voters. >> and so much focus has been on the primary vote for the presidency but there are municipal ieses on the ballots and the residents can take a- advantage of those and head out to vote as well. florgt miami robbin simmons. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right robbin. stay with seven all night we'll have election coverage all night here and on line and on the phone. we'll clos have a full recap first on the night team at 10:00. >> craig: also in the news today an alarming admission from the mnfl. for the first time the league is
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hits on the field and brain disease. sports director steve shapiro in the plex with more on this. steve. >> and this admission to congress will cause the league billions. >> for the first time senior o official for health and safety in the nfl told a congressional panel today that brain research certainly shows a link between football and the disease caused by concussions c. it e. >> do you think there is a link between football and de gern a tiff brainisorders like c. it e.? >> a number of retired players were diagnosed cte yes. >> this admission is looked upon as a game changer for the play whoars are suinghe league for the illness caused by concussions. 1 billion-dollar settlement. when settled, the deal will
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and cover more than 20,000nfl retirees. the players are appealing the league's offer saying that it exincludes future cases of cte cte is a disease linked to repeated brain trauma causing memory lorks depression and dementia. league estimates 6000 former players, nearly three in ten could develop alzheimer's or moderate dementia. >> as it stands right now affected players would receive an average of$190,000. but could get up into the millions in the most serious indications. those numbers could go higher now. in the plex. i'm steve shapiro 7 news. >> belkeys: all right steve. thanks. police in belgium moving in on suspects accused of having ties toker to. they raid an apartment complex in brussels. the man found dead in one of the units. early in the afternoon the raid turned violent when shots were fired at police.
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not clear if the men found dweadz one of the people police were looking for. officials say today's raid was part of an investigation linked to the november 13th pairation taks that killed 130 people. >> craig: mother teresa is on the path to st. shood hood. pope francis announced today that she dedicated her life to the poor in india will be can no nuysededn september. the pope approved a second miracle attributed to mother teresa last year and declaring a st. she spent decades hoping the homelels and sick. and she won an warmed ward for wiring for the poor. she died in 1987 at 87 years old. >> lots more coming up here on 7 news. the moment an impact that sen killed the driver and sent a passenger to the hot. after dploork a hollywood supermarket. >> craig: and a 7 news viewer steps in for the savment just
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the kids jier it's time for trial for the fort lauderdale cop that was caught on video smack a homeless man. >> craig: and just days before the president's trip to cuba. some maj changes. more announced in terms of u.s. cuba relations. we'll tel spell that out when the news continues. >>
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>> >> craig: now at 5:00, a new view of dade li impact. a speeding car slamming into a south florida super market. it ways killer crash. >> belkeys: 7's brand beyer is live where it happened in hollywood. brandon. >>eporter: belkeys and
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see, surveillance videde from yesterday morning gives you an idea of how fast thatar was going behind me. pgh remember this board is up from yesterday where the car crashed into this supermarket here in east hollywood and today we n see a small memorial where someone stopped by to put flowers for those who were killed and injured in this crash. let's go t t that video now. again, this from about 3:00 a.m. monday morning you'll see it, kind of a blumplet the car almost erupts into a ball of flames as it strikes the building and then it's wreckage and debris. the driver thrown frfr the car. 24-year-old david la mere thrown frat car. he was killed as you look now at the investigation that ensued initially after that car crash. police respond. witnesses said basically what they saw was a car speeding down hollywood boulevard heading west and crashing into the back of this publix. his passenger, his girlfriend as you look at a picture nowf the
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that is 20-year-old rosm san na vee a. she is in the hospital. she's had several surgeries to her legs. she has both her legs broke flen several places. she was wearinger seat belt and survivied. the driver, woit friend david la mere as you see the picture on the rflt screen. he passed away. some of the details still under vaismghts that's what we know for now. live in hollywood. brandon whyer. 7 news. >> craig: all right brandon. >> belkeys: next up from the neneplex. a florida woman crediting the officer p for saving her life by sacrificing his. >> craig: and a dog that's been through the ring is getting a new leash on liech. >> belkeys: and she owns a land liend but doesn use it so why is her phone bill tens of thousands of dollars? it's tonight "help me howard"
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>> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro into and a hot day here across south florida. as a matter of fact right now hollywood reporting a temperature of 90 degrees. and it's going to be hotter during the day tomorrow. now, most of the weather is staying to the north. as a matter of fact we are look at basically from right across the nation's mid section up to the great lakes we're seeing heavy rain and plen pli plenty of cloudiness. as far as rainfall iconcerned for us. our next best chance will probably be saturday and sunday. and then over night lows are going to remain above average here at least until sunday. then a gradual cool down for monday and tuesdsd of next week and by the way, sunday, that is ur first day of spring.
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and mild across pensacola. temperatures of 76 degrees. across northern flojida, 88 in tallahassee. pretty warm. same in jik jacksonville. an hr ago. >> was eight in the gainesville. they are not reporting right now. 87 at the theme parks. a little cooler cross tampa. over in south florida we've seen a little bit of cloudiness here and there but it's been very sunny and hot at other times. 88 right now in palm beach. still 87 in fort lauderdale. miami 89. a little cooler across naples. keys has just been gorgeous today. 82 right now in marathon. 308 in key west. the wind out of southeast at 9 miles per hour. take a look at this. we have high pressure sitting in the western atlantic swraivment frovt croots nation's mid section and you can see the flow here of the wind pattern by tomorrow it looks like the wind is going to start shifting coming in out of the southwest. that means it will drag in more
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a a hotter day and t tse hot temperatures could stick around until thursday. now in t long run there, say front right here that the. the tail end of that could make it's way into south florida over the weekend and bringng with it a better chance for some rainfall. keep your fingers crossed. we do need the rain. here's the marine forecast. tonight no advisories, biscayne bay way light chop. nowrt florida keys, coastal waters a light chop. next high tideiami. 2:41. 2:36 in in fort lauderdale. key largo the next high tide just after 3:00 in the morning. 4:49 in key west. clear sksks. still a chance of some fog tonight. over night lows right around the low 70s now, tomorrow mostly sunny. highs in the low 80s for the keys. upper 80s for the mainland. here's your extended outlook well. continue to be on the hot side through thursday.. a little cooler if you will on friday. so more showers moving in saturday and sunday. cooler for monday and tuesday and there it s. the first day of
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that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back. for news 24/7, just go to
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>> >> >> belkeys: that is a wrap for us at 5:00. i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens stay tune. the news continues now 59
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danielle knox are cop coming up next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:00. >> lynn: off the top 59:00, time for trial for a south florida police officer caught on camera smack age homeless man. good evening every one. the officer says he he was just trying to arrestst him. >> danielle: well, that's what he says but things escalated quickly and the jury will decide if he actually abused the badge. vanessa ma defla is live in fort lauderdale with what happened in court today. vanessa. >> reporter: well, his defense attorney in court claiming that the sleap gave to that homeless man was a technique that they teach officers when they go through training. say nine year veteran with the fort lauderdale police departnt and he is saying that what de was justified. >> reporter: bruise la claire looks different than a year ago. >> when you're homeless you end
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walking, doing a lot of walking so you're just moving around. >> reporter: on february 22, 20 15, the 59-year-old who admitted to drink two to three beers that day decided to sleep on a bench at the fort lauderdale bus terminal. you see officer victor ramirez walking up to himim prawding him awake with his foot. prosecutors say la claire was leave whg officer ramirez shoved him to the ground and then this hamed. >>. >> how de grab him. >> with his hand around your arm. while he was grabbing your arnlings did you pull way from him? >> yes. >> well because it hurt to havee him grab me and i didn't, it kind of shock med that he grabbed me. >> the. >> reporter: the defense
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>> la claire races his left arm d comes at him with his right arm. that the point victor,r, an officer trained in officer safe kind of shoved him way. >> it was kind of a defensive action. because again i was shocked that he knocked me to the ground. >> reporter: bus ternal vitd yo in court shows the other angles which the defense shoaps hoaps will proft officer's action where's justified. >> so a ramirez faces two charges of brairt and false filing a police report. the jury will begin deliberations tomorrow. reporting live in fort lauderdale. vanessa medina. 7 n%ws snie all right vanessa. a south florida bailiff busted. the 45-year-old who works at the broward unty courthouse charged with attempted murder and sex ought battery. he has been suspended without pay. police saye picked up a pros ta tiewlt at a gas station in


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